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North Hills primary care clinic is the right place to be. This is because it offers you minimal charges, fewer waiting hours, and expert services. Here is the right place to be because you will enjoy the best health care services. Our medical staff treats you in a caring and understanding manner. As you receive the treatment, you will feel loved and cared for. Other than that, the clinic tries to make your overall experience memorable. Keep reading to learn more about North Hills primary care clinic and the benefits.

The Benefits of NHUC

North Hills urgent care clinic deals with diverse medical issues. Here are the benefits you get from this clinic.

  • The services are available full-time, and therefore, you do not have to wait for a longer period or experience hardship in emergency rooms.
  • Any ailment and injury will be treated well at the North Hills clinic. This is because the clinic offers high-quality health care services and immediate.
  • All the medical staff at North Hills clinic have what it takes to attend to about 80% of medical issues treated in emergency rooms.
  • We provide on-site labs, x-ray, and pharmacies, and therefore, you can walk in and get treated immediately.
  • If you reside in our area, you will get medical services like free prenatal care, free STD testing, and free pregnancy tests.
  • You will also receive virtual care from the North Hills urgent care clinic. With this type of service, you will not be required to come to the physical facility to get treatment or medical care.
  • After getting tested for the COVID-19 test, our clinic will email you the outcome or text you.
  • You also get various payment options like cash and health insurance. These covers are Medicare, HMOs, and PPOs.

North Hills Primary Care Services

North Hills urgent care services are advanced, smart, and hassle-free. We comprehend how busy you are in your daily routine. That is why we provide high-quality services and are done most conveniently and comfortably to help meet your health care requirements. Here are North Hills primary care services.

Primary Care Services

Suppose you are looking for primary care tests. North Hills urgent clinic is the best place to be. The clinic has the capacity and capability to do several procedures, treatments, and diagnostic services. Primary care physicians offer primary care services at North Hills clinic. They tend to provide accessible, integrated medical care services. The primary care team is well experienced in providing a wide variety of personal health care requirements in your community or family context.

The North Hills primary care clinic is typically run by a doctor who works with other health care professionals. When required, they will consult a specialist or even refer a patient. The clinic provides you with a wide variety of healthcare services usually conducted professionally and cost-effectively.

Primary care services in this clinic encourage patients and families to be healthy by providing effective communication skills.

Why is Primary Care Needed

As you become old, several lifestyles tend to change. This, therefore, means that your healthcare requirements change as well. The most critical thing about a health care physician is that they walk with you in your health journey. They can understand your health care needs on the ongoing changes by doing this.

During routine checkups, they can detect the underlying health issues, making it easier to mitigate them. They will evaluate your temperature, pressure, and any chronic ailment during the routine checkups. After the outcome is out, the doctor will cross-check with the previous outcome to gauge your current health status. 

Suppose you experience a sudden change in the blood work, the doctor will check you and offer the solution faster instead of seeking medical care from a random general practitioner. Choosing regular healthcare services will give you quality and reliable healthcare plans.

Services Offered by North Hills Primary Care

A primary care practitioner has attended special training to do several healthcare services like diagnostic, preventative, and treatment. Here are some of the health care services they offer.

  • Diabetes screening
  • Immunizations
  • Medical prescriptions
  •  Cancer screenings
  • Birth control services
  • Wound care
  • Ultrasound
  • Health care counseling
  • Cardiovascular health screenings
  • Castling, splinting and bracing.
  • Sagging wounds and doing minor surgeries

Final Thought

Most of North hills primary care is well put for a certain population. They are mostly conversant with the health and medical conditions these individuals face. These health professionals know well about your health. When looking for a healthcare provider, you need to start with the ones in your insurance line. This will help you save a lot of money in the process. Another way to find the best primary care provider is by asking your colleagues and friends. Neighbor or your family.

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