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Top SEO Trends In 2022

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. In other words, to get ranked higher in search results by making sure your website has all the elements to please the algorithms of Google and others.

How SEO Works?

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use crawlers to visit websites and record their content. A website’s rank depends on the number of quality backlinks it has — authoritative sites linking to a page increases it’s “trust” or authority and pushes it higher in search results.

How Is SEO Different From SEM?

While SEO is focused on improving rankings for organic search, SEM (or pay per click) is used to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results using advertisements. SEO and SEM complement each other, but the difference between the two is that SEO deals with strategies that improve website ranking while SEM deals with paid placement of ads.

Importance of SEO In 2022

  1. SEO has become an absolutely necessary element for businesses that want to operate online
  2. Almost 60 percent of internet users conduct local searches, which makes it imperative for small businesses to invest in SEO
  3. Search engines drive the highest percentage of website traffic among all distribution channels
  4. The average click-through rate in 2017 is 3.17 percent for all search engines
  5. “SEO has a strong, positive correlation with organic traffic and conversions”
  6. Google will continue to improve algorithms that help users find the most relevant results
  7. In 2022, SEO will become even more important as brands start using voice assistants like Google Home to increase visibility
  8. SEO budgets are predicted to keep rising, with 86 percent of marketing professionals planning an increase this year
  9. “60% of marketers believe ranking #1 in Google brings the best ROI”
  10. Companies will spend more than $100 million on search and display advertising combined
  11. More than 70% of advertisers plan to increase their budget for paid search in 2017, and implementing SEO strategies can help boost online sales by 35 percent
  12. Global marketing professionals believe SEO is the most effective marketing channel for increasing website traffic
  13. Inbound links, mentions and social media follows have a direct impact on search engine rankings
  14. Google My Business, a free local business directory that helps you manage your online presence on Google platforms like Search, Maps and Plus, has over 100 million users
  15. Google owns three of the world’s most-visited websites: YouTube, Google and Blogger

Top SEO Trends In 2022 

1. Voice Search Rising

The number of voice searches has increased by 269% in just one year, which means that by 2020 more than 50% of mobile queries will be voice searches. SEO strategies must take into account the appearance of keywords in both text and audio content. 

2. Personalized Search to Grow

Personalization is already a part of the equation when it comes to SEO, with local businesses being able to influence search results by using Google My Business. 

In 2022, the personalized search will become even more important as voice assistants become a common household fixture. In fact, Google has already updated its algorithm in favor of sites optimized for voice searches and features 

3. Visual Content: A High-Potential Traffic Generator

There’s a reason why Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are investing heavily in video content. Visual content is highly engaging and considered trustworthy by search engines. According to HubSpot, images on landing pages can improve conversions by as much as 20%. Content marketing agency Acrolinx has seen visual assets generate conversion rates as high as 37.7%.

What Makes A Good SEO Strategy?


1. Clear Calls to Action (CTA) 

When it comes to digital marketing, calls to action such as “get your free quote” and “subscribe today” encourage customers to take the desired action on a website while increasing conversions. 

2. Backlinks and Social Media 

SEO strategies should be backed by social media marketing and link building to increase rankings on search engines. They also help build authority and credibility, which increases brand awareness on the web.

High-quality backlinks allow you to get more traffic on your website, while boosting your website’s domain authority. It’s crucial to balance high-quality, relevant links with a high quantity of backlinks 

3. Quality Content at the Center of Your SEO Strategy

Inbound marketing is all about content—creating it and encouraging it from your audience. 

In the age of Google, people have limited time available so they look for answers on search engines. If they cannot find the answers to their questions, they consider your site as useless and move on without ever looking back. 

Good content brings more traffic to your website, creates brand awareness and helps you stand out from competitors. You can also use content for SEO purposes by optimizing it with keywords that are relevant to your business and audience.

4. SEO Isn’t a One-Time Job – SEO takes time. 

You’ll need to consistently measure your results and optimize your content based on what you find when analyzing search engine data, such as keyword rankings and click-through rates.

If you are not tech-savvy, then it is important to hire a team of professional SEO experts. It is important to look for affordable SEO services in the USA. It is important to look for the best options available.

5. Ongoing Optimization for Success 

Keyword research helps you identify which search terms people use to find your website and products. It allows you to produce content that ranks highly in the SERP. 

SEO strategies should aim at keeping up with changes in Google algorithms and implementing best practices in order to stay relevant and successful on the web.


SEO is an ongoing process. Establishing a strong SEO strategy requires commitment and patience, but it pays off considering that search engines continue to evolve (and they will keep doing so). By 2022, mobile devices will take up the majority of digital marketing budgets as most searches are done on smartphones. Prepare your website for these changes by staying up to date with Google, optimizing your content, and engaging through social media.

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