If you love hair color, you know that balayage rules the world. While blonde and brown balayage hair has been making headlines, we have been captivated by balayage hair colors for black hair! It is the technique paints colors on your hair with your free hand in a sweeping motion. Its popularity stems from the fact that it colors the hair in a natural flow. And you painters are well aware that black makes an irresistible background! So, scroll down to see the trending balayage.

1.Sterling Gray Balayage

sterling hair color

The gray hair color trend started a few years ago and has only gotten better since then. This is one of the smoothest gray balayage hair colors we’ve seen. The color transition includes shades of black and charcoal that fade out to a lovely sterling. Sterling balayage is one of the coolest (pun intended) styles we’ve seen and is ideal for people with cool-toned skin.

2. Storm Gray Balayage

grey balayage

We’re head over heels in love with this style’s youthful take on granny hair! The dark black is accented with customized gray streaks, so it isn’t entirely devoid of warm tones. Gray is used for toning and painting the transitional brown tones. The color combination in style adds dimension and volume, making it ideal for women with fine or thin hair. You can also achieve this same looking in any curly human hair wigs.

3. Hazelnut Mocha Balayage For Black Hair

Mocha balayage hair color

Mocha freshly brewed. That’s what we get from this look. The chocolate undertones are expertly blended with hazelnut accents. This style is ideal for women with lustrous black hair. We’re afraid if we stare at it for too long, it’ll melt!

3. Cool-Toned Brown Balayage

Cool toned hair

It’s extremely rare to see a perfect cool-toned brown, but this style has nailed it! The streaks on this long bob begin high up, creating a root-melt effect. The framing strands have been lightened and toned to perfection. This brown balayage hair is a perfect color to complement a wavy black lob.

4. Subtle Brown Balayage

Light brown balayage hair

Subtlety is an art form, and this hairstyle is a work of art. This brown hairstyle is ideal if you have straight black hair and want to add dimension. For women who prefer to keep things simple, the subtle brown highlights create a natural sun-kissed look.

5. Caramel-brown Balayage Highlights

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Working with color contrasts is always a good option for balayage hair extension hairstyles that are both comfortable and stylish. Combine it with warmer blonde balayage hues before heading to the beach to catch the next wave

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