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Trendy kitchen cabinet doors worth taking a look at

The kitchen forms the heart of any home. Getting your kitchen designed is one big step. Kitchen cabinets play a very big role in making or breaking the look of the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are not just for storage but act as a crown jewel that brings everything together in a kitchen. Nowadays, people wish to have a streamlined look for their kitchen that focuses on minimalism and simplicity. The kitchen cabinet doors have the power to change the look of your kitchen completely. Check out some beautiful cabinet trends and select a perfect one for your kitchen.

Classic and trendy cabinet door styles

From kitchen cabinet trends to kitchen island ideas, there is something for everyone in this article. Here are some ideas for you-

  1. Traditional cabinet doors- These doors are also known as raised-panel doors. They feature millwork as well as detailing. They also include extra molding and trim work for a substantial feel.
  2. Farmhouse style cabinetry- It often includes a mix of finishes like painted pieces and natural wood, decorative cabinet, and doors done with glass and wire mesh.
  3. Shaker-style cabinet fronts- These are also known as recessed panel cabinets. These feature square-paneled doors as well as straddle contemporary and classic styles.
  4. Flat-front cabinet doors- These doors have no detailing, no hardware, and look very modern.

Other cabinet solutions that you can consider

When you plan to redo your kitchen, it becomes helpful to know what other cabinet solutions will make your space functional, better, and trendier. Here are some kitchen cabinet doors solutions that you can consider-

  1. Open shelving option- This shelving option helps to keep everyday items within easy reach and you can even keep handy items on display so that you don’t waste your time searching for those items. You need to understand that open shelves help in balancing out the space. You will be glad to know that open kitchen cabinet doors are becoming a hotter trend. Open shelving offers a light and airy feel to the kitchen along with making your kitchen look bigger. Here, every utensil, cup, or bowl will have an impact on the overall aesthetic of your kitchen feel and look.
  2. Statement kitchen island- This kitchen island stands out from the rest of your cabinets by design. Here, you can switch surfaces, change paint color, clean stains easily, and arrange hardware for a custom look.
  3. Integrated appliances- You can go for a kitchen cabinet that allows you to keep your appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, etc. as specifically designated places.
  4. Lower pull-out drawers- These lower pull-out drawers allow you to give easier access to pans, pots, and other must-have utensils.
  5. Roll-Out Pantries- In a modern kitchen layout, pantries take a special place. If you have one designated region to store your cans, jars, and other cookware, then your life is sorted. There are different styles of pantries where you can choose various kitchen cabinet doors-
  • Chef’s Pantry- This pantry has numerous layered shelving units which allow you to arrange your content in an efficient manner.
  • Wall cabinet pantry- This pantry combines a door shelf with interior shelving.
  • Roll-out pantry- You can easily store perishable food items in a fridge because these roll-out pantries give you heightened versatility in your kitchen.
  • Pull-Out pantry- You can place a full-length pull-out pantry close to appliances so that you can maximize storage of cookware and food.
  1. Color customization- The modern trend calls for you to have a decent combination of colors when you choose your kitchen cabinet doors. Colors play an important role in making your cabinets noticed. A different color on your cabinet door can make all the difference. It can also make your kitchen look unique and have an appealing look. You can pick up shades that perfectly fit the interiors of your space. Shades like grey, white, soft green, red, lavender, etc. look soothing. There are three major color categories that include light, medium, and dark. Light tones are simple and soft. And If want to more beauty wallpaper and Best Kitchen Colour Combinations for 2022 so you can visit on


No matter what style of kitchen cabinet doors you go for, always remember that minimalism is the key. You should always try to keep your kitchen simple because there is already too much happening in the kitchen, and you don’t want the décor to look over the top. Your kitchen is the workhorse of your house, so always have a minimalist take on it. The appearance of your kitchen must be clean and tidy.

You should also focus on the functionality so that you don’t miss out on anything. LED lighting is also a popular style for a contemporary kitchen. These lights are energy-efficient as compared to other lighting types. It is also an environmentally-friendly option. If you are building a new home or planning a kitchen renovation, you can consider the above-mentioned points.

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