Outdoor living spaces have become a typical component in new home construction, according to landscape architects, designers, realtors, and building contractors, regardless of the price point of a property.

The current tendency is to create an outdoor living space that looks and feels like an indoor space.

Outdoor kitchens range in size from a simple grill to fully functional cooking areas with fridge and brick ovens. What outdoor space would be complete without a television, sound system, and a fireplace or, at the very least, a pleasant fire pit?

Comfortable seating is required in all of these outdoor living areas. Consider the seats as an extension of what you’d find in your own house… A sofa or sectional, as well as comfortable dining seats

. The distinction is that the seating is composed of weather-resistant outdoor cushion material. UV rays, temperature fluctuations, wetness, and humidity all contribute to mold growth, necessitating the use of particular outdoor materials.

But before you choose your favorite, make sure you know exactly what you want and how long your chosen cloth will last.


Olefin, like Acrylic, is exceptionally resistant to sunlight fading. Acrylic, or polyester will make up the majority of outdoor high-quality fabrics on the market.

Because polyester textiles have the lowest light fastness rating and require a PFC chemical treatment for stain protection, they will perform the worst. Solution-dyed and solution-dyed acrylic are the two best textiles for outdoor cushions.

Solution Dyed Acrylic Outdoor Fabrics

Acrylic high-quality fabrics are constructed of acrylic fibers and are synthetic materials. This sort of outdoor high-quality fabrics offers a number of benefits, including a lower specific gravity, mildew resistance, and moisture management.

Most outdoor high-quality fabrics are solution-dyed acrylic or a cheap polyester that only lasts a season, as made famous by outdoor fabric businesses. Acrylic is lightfast, but it is also exceptionally stain resistant if not treated with a stain treatment bath.

These fabrics seem beautiful at first, but when the treatment wears off, they become discolored. Do not be fooled by the “solution dyed” marketing tactics. Solution-dyed textiles aren’t all made equal. Acrylic that has been solution-colored can be atmospherically dyed…

This denotes the presence of dye spots in the fiber. Wine, ketchup, and stains can enter a fiber more easily if it contains more dye sites. On the other hand, Solution Dyed lacks a dye site. Olefin is stain resistant without the use of stain treatment baths because of this.

Outdoor Polyester and Prints

Polyester outdoor high-quality fabrics and designs are typically utilized in one-season outdoor goods and will be your least durable outdoor fabric. This type of outdoor cloth will have a lightfastness rating of no more than 1000 hours on average.

Polyester is batch-dyed, unlike Acrylic, which are solution dyed. The majority of polyester is woven white and then dyed to the desired hue in drums. Because of the large number of dye sites in polyester fiber, this process is ideal for producing large quantities of colored fabrics.

Because of the large number of dye sites in polyester fiber, these fabrics are extremely stain resistant. These fabrics will be inexpensive and just suitable for a couple of seasonal throw pillows.


Begin by looking for high-quality fabrics that are labeled for outdoor use. These textiles have been specifically treated to resist water, stains, UV light, and other environmental factors. 

Is it Long-Lasting Enough?

You’ll want a fabric with a higher rub count if your upholstery will be subjected to a lot of abrasion from family and outdoor activities. Rub count is a measurement of how much abrasion a weave can withstand before it starts to wear.

Something more to bear in mind? Make sure you understand the difference between outdoor and performance fabrics—for outdoor furniture and textiles, especially those that will be exposed to the elements, you should choose a true outdoor fabric rather than a performance choice.

However, “performance” is an industry term that refers to a material’s ability to withstand high-traffic areas by being washable and stain-resistant—ideal for items that will get a lot of use or even become dirty, but not necessarily the best choice for an outdoor sofa.

Is it going to fade?

Examine the textile’s colorfastness, which is a measurement of how much sun it can withstand before becoming faded. Solution-dyed high-quality fabrics fabrics, in which the color is embedded in the yarn fibers, will, on average, withstand the sun better than fabrics that are simply printed with color after weaving.

Is it Right for Me?

When choosing an outdoor fabric, the most important thing to remember is to read the label to see if it can withstand your environment and lifestyle. Is it required to be chlorine-resistant, waterproof, or simply water-resistant and quick-drying? If you’re unclear, phone the company for clarification.

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