Use Gadgets While Driving in Fog & Other Tips

Use Gadgets While Driving in Fog & Other Tips


Gadgets work well in fog. No matter how experienced you are behind the wheel, fog can make driving challenging – and even dangerous. More than 500 people die each year as a result of fog-related accidents. The following ten driving tips will help you stay safe even in the thickest fog:

Remain vigilant

Do not pass too close to the car in front of you. As visibility decreases, braking times increase, so you’ll appreciate the extra space. Simply put, slow down! Getting to your destination may take longer, but your safety is worth it.

Use Defrosters and Windshield Wipers When Necessary

Glare can be exacerbated by moisture and ice on your windshield. Make sure your windshield is completely clear.
Don’t use your high beams.
Low beams are actually more effective in a fog! Consider replacing your current headlights if your current low beam isn’t powerful enough. Always use gadgets for taking directions
You should never use the lights of any vehicles in front of you to guide your movements
Focusing too much on the narrow patch of landscape in front of you can actually cause you to miss other things!

Turn off cruise control

Driving on foggy roads can lead to surprises, so you should maintain complete control of your vehicle
AccuWeather suggests that you follow the right-hand side of the road
Easy enough, right? Drive cautiously on the right side of the road and don’t be afraid to slow down. Roadside reflectors can also guide you.

Avoid accelerating

if a car behind you is too close. Trying to lose the guy right behind you can make your situation more hazardous, even though it may seem tempting. In fog, drive at a safe, reasonable speed, even if other drivers don’t.
If possible, stay at home during bad weather.
Stay off the roads if you can, as fog can make driving scary and dangerous. Wait for next move on gadgets.
According to the California DMV,
The best advice for driving in the fog is to DON’T.

Before Slowing Down

check your mirrors and gently apply the brakes. Apply the brakes as soon as possible! By using your brake lights, you will alert drivers behind you that you are slowing down, and you won’t catch them by surprise with a sudden stop.

When you pull over to wait out the fog

Pull as far to the side of the road as possible. Make sure your hazard lights are on. When driving in the fog, you need to remember that everyone is having trouble seeing, so be extra cautious by getting well out of the way and using your lights to signal your position. Pulling into a gas station or another roadside venue is a great idea.

 Eliminate Distractions

While driving, you should always have your full attention on the road. It’s even more important to remain focused when driving through dense fog. Avoid anything that might distract you. Don’t listen to the radio. Follow through gadgets. Use GPS, instead, for tracking the way. Request that passengers be quiet.  Drive Safely recommends that you put your phone away, even if you have a hands-free device. Your full attention should be focused on the road.


One of the most significant pillars of safe fog driving is using your lights appropriately. If your headlights are dimming you down, Firestone Complete Auto Care is here to help!

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