Use These Proven Tips to Move Your Cat Seamlessly

Moving with a pet animal makes your move more complex. Managing a move with a pet is highly challenging. We love our pets so much. So, when we have to move, our pet animals surely move with us.

Some people are more attached to cats. They love them very much and want to move them at any cost.

Unfortunately, they do not know the best ways to move with their cats. So, they use the best alternative- to hire the best packers and movers for their move.

Well, you do not know how your cat will react to the sudden change. So, the best thing is to use a few tips to make your pet relocation a successful affair.

A few tips to move your cat are as follows:-

Let Them Be Comfortable In Their Carrier

One of the best tips to use is to offer comfort to your cats. This is possible if you arrange a carrier for your cat. Keep in mind that your cat will spend most of its time in the carrier on moving day.

So, it is better to offer comfort to them. Make sure to let your cat adjust to its new carrier. It will take a long time for your cat to know its carrier.

Sometimes, you can open the door of the carrier and let the cat roam independently. Place a toy inside the carrier and encourage it to enter inside. When your cat learns to stay inside the carrier, try to feed regular meals to it.

The main thing here is to let the cat adjust to the new carrier. The more the cat is scared of the carrier, the more it will increase your trouble.

Your goal should be to make the cat learn how to go inside and outside the carrier.

Keep a Routine

Moving your cat needs the right strategy. Animals are more sensitive than men. They sense any change in the house or the environment. So, it is necessary to maintain your routine as usual.

Don’t change your routine before the move. This means that you have to play with the cat as you used to earlier. Also, cuddle it lovingly as you cuddle it in the past. Make sure not to change your routine at any cost.

Feed It before the Move

The cats are more prone to motion sickness. They vomit during their move. So, the best would be to feed them before the move.

If their stomachs are full, there’ll be fewer chances of any vomiting or stomach upset. This will also minimize the risk of your cat falling sick during the move.

Talk to the Vet

Some cats feel really stressed during the move. So, the best would be to consult a Vet. Your vet can manage this situation easily. There are many things that can remove their anxiety and stress.

Some of these things include prescription diets, anti-anxiety medications, calming aids, supplements, etc.

Your vet will also take the help of the behavioral tips along with these medications. This will greatly help in providing ease to your cat.

Keep Your Cat Busy

Make sure to keep your cat busy during the move. You need to take special care of your cat during the move. So, the best thing to do in this regard is to keep it busy during the relocation.

Do not put your cat in the carrier as there are several people around. However, search for a safe spot for it where it can be at peace. You can keep the cat in the bathroom with its favorite toys. Also, arrange some food for it.

The simple idea of doing this is to keep the pet secure. You can also write a note on the door mentioning that the cat is inside.

Keeping It in the Carrier

Now, it’s time to put your cat in the carrier and load it on the truck. Make sure not to let it out during the move. It is advisable to stay calm at this time.

The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable your cat will be. Do not let your cat come out of the carrier during transit at any cost. Consider opening the gate of the carrier only when you reach your new home.

The first thing you need to do is to keep the cat in a secure room. Now repeat the same activities when you kept it in the bathroom. Put their toys, water, food, and bed near it.

This will comfort your cat and it will be at ease. It will think that nothing is changed.

Providing Ease to Your Cat

It is important to manage your cat after arriving at your new home. You have found a secured space for it. You have also arranged its food, toys and other things beside it.

But you need to do more to offer your cat ease. When you are with the cat, try to interact with it as much as possible.

Also, start doing normal activities with it. Your cat will take some time to adjust to the new place. Slowly, your cat will be curious to explore the new place instead of getting scared.

Arrange a Permanent Litter Box

Once the cat starts exploring the new home, try establishing a permanent home for it. Now, set up two litter boxes for a few weeks. After a few weeks, leave the permanent litter box there and remove the other one.

If your cat is still not able to adjust to the new home, then consult your vet. He will help the cat in getting at ease.

Slowly, with the help of the vet, your cat will start liking your new place. It will start exploring each corner of your home in the coming weeks.


Now you know the important things you need to keep in mind while moving your cat. If you use the above tips, you will help your cat get ease while moving to the new home.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact your packers and movers Mumbai to Kolkata and avail the trusted pet relocation services from them.

Author Bio:- Vishal

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