You may need to figure out the printing method before making that T-shirt. However, the intensity press and screen printing are the two most typical and famous strategies for these long printing periods; we will portray three additional techniques.

That is significant to keep clients coming. Clients can get away from your deals pipeline on the off chance that they don’t get what they need.

Clients have become wise; they know the different printing techniques. In your vocation, you will see that a massive level of your client has an affection for a specific printing strategy.

I have seen clients gripe about their request because it doesn’t match their taste and inclinations. It can happen to you, so you should be smart with your clients.

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5 Different T-Shirt Printing Methods

  1. Screen Printing

It is the most widely recognized with aces. One more name for this plan is silkscreen printing.

A water verification substance will hamper the negative area you need to plan. You’ll need a stencil and a nylon network for this technique to work. You place the stencil on the nylon network, which holds it in place. The negative space is the central part porous for the color. Ink is then overwhelmed into the screen.

The screen printing technique is excellent for printing excellent shirt plans since it ensures extreme replication. The screen printing strategies give a shirt a novel, charming and fantastic look that the client love.

This technique is appropriate for one tone for every screen. It isn’t great for very perplexing multicolor plans.

  1. Direct To Garments (DTG)

Like the screen printing technique, it is likewise famous among specialists. It’s simple; however, it will require information and abilities if you won’t get professional assistance. All you want for its work is the material printer and ink.

In the office, DTG functions similarly to a paper printer. The main contrast is; that the ink is going to the texture for this situation. You first need to transfer the plan to the PC, making uniqueness and inventiveness.

The Direct To Garment technique is astounding for printing out super-complex plans. It gives a delicate vibe to the hands when you contact the last project. The ink utilized doesn’t make additional thick layers on the shirt since it is slim.

You can wind up with a low-goal plan with dab designs, assuming you have a mediocre material printer. You can’t utilize this technique to make a plan for dull texture because the ink is flimsy and won’t look well. Anyway, it has one issue.

DTG is the least strong, and the texture might blur in a year or less.

  1. Color Sublimation

On light shirts or textures, color sublimation works beautifully. It takes money to send a color sub, but in the end, the client receives a professionally done shirt.

To get the most outstanding results from this method, you’ll need a lot of color sublimation knowledge. Color sublimation is ideal for printing polyester-like cream textures. They are unforgiving while you carry cotton texture to the scene.

When the firm texture is presented with intensity and tension, it transforms into gas. At that point, the texture atoms extend, and the gas tastes between the hole that shows up in the material. Eventually, the particles contracts again when you eliminate the intensity.

Color sublimation is superb for printing polyester shirts with insignificant persevering through plans. The shirt done through sublimation are strong and looks charming.

  1. Heat Press Printing

If you have minor shirt requests, utilizing the intensity press printing is practical. It saves you assets and time.

This strategy consolidates a plan imprinted on a unique paper called move paper. It is the secret.

A more comparable methodology is the color sublimation with slight contrasts. You take a t-shirt, put it on the highest intensity, move the vinyl, and press it. Then apply passion and tension. You do the cycle until the power relaxes the color on the paper until it gets underneath the material.

You take the reflexive paper move and strip off-color from that point onward, leaving you with the shirt’s planned plan.

Intensity and press strategy are essential if you’re dealing with complex plans. Notwithstanding, it won’t function admirably with dull textures due to its clear color.

Shirts printed through heat press printing are strong.

  1. Vinyl Cutting

This strategy cuts a unique, delicate dress into shapes or plans and then moves to a shirt. Then these individual plans are then positioned onto the shirt utilizing the intensity press technique.

You can print one-off plans and even produce them en masse with this technique. It is the best option for publishing different articles of clothing types.

A vinyl cutting machine provides you with the choice of utilizing various layers to print multiple shades of a plan. Vinyl cutting is used to plan active apparel, motto, or small designs.

Notwithstanding, it experiences a specific something: They are letter-types parts that you can’t use with it. Shirts printed through vinyl cutting are tough.


It would aid if you first decided who your customers are before deciding on the ideal printing approach for your shirt. Take a peek at the big picture and determine which strategies work best for each person.

Indeed, even the quantity of orders you get from that strategy will listen for a minute clients need in a plan.

I hope this essay has enlightened you.

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