wardrobe design with a dressing table

Homeowners today are very keen on the combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal when it comes to designing their houses.  If you are selecting the décor for the bedroom and want a good wardrobe design with a dressing table, then make sure that both the wardrobe and dressing table balance each other. An effective wardrobe is important for the bedroom and a beautiful dressing table will add to the appeal.  It is not difficult to find an amazing wardrobe design with a dressing table. We have compiled a list of some eye-catching designs for a wardrobe with a dressing table for your bedroom.


Here are some of the wonderful wardrobes with dressing table designs for your bedroom.


  1. Sliding wardrobe with dressing table – Having a wardrobe with a sliding door is a great way to save space in the bedroom and is also quite easy to set up. These are budget-friendly and will give the wardrobe a different look.


  1. Glass wardrobe with steel borders – Put steel borders on a glass wardrobe with a white base with vertical panels on each side. Place a dressing table in the same material and a large mirror. Finish the look with a plush carpet and a nice chair.


  1. Wooden wardrobe with dressing table – A very practical as well as a classic design, wood gives a nice warm appeal to your place. It gives the room a very neat and smooth look. Place a small stool with an attached cushion to complete the look.


  1. Full open wardrobe with dressing table – If you are comfortable, go in for an open wardrobe covering the full wall. It will make the bedroom look very big and spacious. The wardrobe’s last panel can be converted into a dressing table by placing a mirror and a white stool.


  1. A small wardrobe design with a dressing table – The small wardrobe dressing table design works very well when space is a problem. It will make the bedroom look comfortable, especially in a small bedroom.


  1. Pastel wardrobe – A nice trend in wardrobe designs is using pastel colours. Don’t forget to combine pastel colours with a glossy dressing table and lots of mirrors to make it look chic.


  1. Lavender colour wardrobe design – Opt for a pleasant colour like lavender to give a soothing feel. In fact, you can use it in the whole room or in the wardrobe with a dressing table on the side. Go for a round mirror to complete the look.


  1. Walk in wardrobe design with dressing table – This design is suitable if you have a big house with a spacious bedroom. The walk in wardrobe will be attached to the bedroom with a sliding door and there will be many drawers with a dressing table and chair and an attached mirror.


  1. Wardrobe with dressing table with mirrors – For a stunning and stylish design, go in for a wardrobe that has mirrored doors. This piece will be functional as well as enhance the appeal of the room. It will also give an impression of a spacious area as mirrors can increase the room’s size.


  1. A Built in dressing table – A dressing table is wonderfully incorporated into the design of the wardrobe. This is very efficient as you would not have to buy both of them separately for the bedroom.


If you want some stunning wardrobe designs with dressing table, there are a lot of trendy options to choose from. Choose from the ten amazing designs that we have curated for you and you will get an elegant wardrobe in no time. Some of these designs work very well even if there is a space crunch. You will be able to optimize the space in the bedroom and not compromise on the appeal of the room as well. Don’t be in a hurry and explore the choices before making a decision. Make a note about your personal preferences as well as your daily needs when purchasing a wardrobe along with a dressing table. Select a wardrobe with a dressing table that is not only functional but also reflects your personal taste.

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