Women who have a thin hair problem love closure hair. A hair closure is a hair item generally made of lace or silk and is fastened with human hair. It is a finishing piece because it is used to close a sew-in weave, tight weave, or wig. This blog provides a few tips to achieve a natural-looking wavy closure hairstyle.

1. Select The Appropriate Lace Closure Or Lace Frontal Closure

Choose a high-quality lace wavy closure to match the color and texture of your natural hair. It is vital to part the hair achieve a natural look. Closure sections that are somewhat to the side will appear more natural than central parts.

2. Choose A Lace Color That Complements Your Skin Tone

Purchase a wavy closure that integrates into your scalp for the most natural effect. You may also dye lace at home with a fabric dye that is not too dark but near your skin’s col0r. Dip a cotton swab into the shade and apply it to the section of your hair or around your hairline where the lace will be visible.

3. Remove Any Excess Lace

Before you wear the complete lace closure or frontal lace hair closure, trim the extra lace from your wavy closure. Trim the excess with sharp fabric scissors, leaving about a 1.25-inch lace strip.

4. Hide Your Entire Head Of Hair

Hide all of your hair before applying the hair closure for a more natural appearance. You may do this using cornrow braids or pin your hair down against your skull if your hair is short. Before applying the closure, always try for a somewhat smooth surface.

Shake the bottle of skin-colored concealer before opening it. Dip a thin cosmetic brush into the concealer, gathering a little bit on the tip of the brush to conceal the fact that you are wearing a hair closure. Brush a light layer of skin-colored concealer over the white liner-covered area. Wipe the Cosmetics Brush Clean with a Paper Towel and dip the clean brush into a tiny quantity of makeup powder darker than your skin tone. To seal the concealer, apply a slight coating of cosmetic powder to the affected area of hair closure.

5. Use Baby Powder

If your lace closure is overly glossy, sprinkle it with baby powder before brushing it to make your closure hair darker and more natural. When styling your wavy closure, use a wide-tooth comb and a vent brush to decrease pull on the hair. To preserve your lace closure, remove knots slowly.

6. Sharpen The Tip Of A White Eyeliner Pencil

After you’ve adjusted the lace of your wavy closure to fit your head correctly, use the white liner pencil to delicately draw a white line on the separated region of the scalp. Make the line as narrow as possible and as near the scalp as feasible.

Now, you know the essential tips when wearing wavy closure, especially with lace. If you are thinking of trying wavy bundle hair and wondering how to achieve a natural look, then you can employ those tips and achieve a natural look.

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