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Weekends Things of Macquarie University Students

Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia is renowned for its interdisciplinary courses and excellent teaching faculty. It features among the top 1% universities of the world by QS World University Ranking 2020. 

If you have already received that glorious acceptance letter from this university, you must be wanting to get an insight of the student life here. This article will discuss all the exciting and fun things that you can do on weekends in Macquarie. However, the success of your weekends will depend largely on your student accommodation. Student accommodation near Macquarie University should be convenient and loaded with amenities so that you can backpack on weekends. 

  • Campus Life at Macquarie University

Before moving on to the local attraction in and around Macquarie Park, let’s have a look at the on campus student life in the university. Macquarie University is much more than assignments and lectures. The institute promotes holistic development and extracurriculars. Student Groups in the University is a great way to build connections and hone your hobbies. From photography to philosophy, these groups bring together students with similar passions. There are more than 140 such groups in this university. Student accommodation near Macquarie University should ideally be located close. So that you can focus on academics and extracurriculars without worrying over laundry. 

For those interested in sports and athletics, Macquarie University has one of the best sporting facilities in the whole country. Indulge in the health clubs, the huge indoor and outdoor swimming pools, football field, soccer field, tennis, basketball, squash court, martial arts arena, gymnastics hall and much more. Moreover wellbeing services are free and they include counselling and mental health sessions. Additionally, the university also hosts theatre performances, cultural fests and weekly farmer’s markets. 

  • Weekend Getaways in Macquarie Park

Macquarie Park, thanks to the Macquarie University has seen tremendous growth in the last few decades. Moreover it is now a hub of students and young professionals, buzzing with exciting hangout joints. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  1. Explore Lane Cove Riverside Walk

Fancy a walk among nature? The Lane Cove Riverside walk is a 5km track inside the stunning Lane Cove National Park. If you want a weekend getaway without leaving town, this could be your best option. Pack a brunch and have a Sunday picnic with your gang. Don’t forget to pack binoculars as this place is excellent for some bird watching. Premium student accommodation Sydney will enhance this enjoyment to a new heights.

This walking trail runs along the banks of the Lane Cove river. Enjoy the scenic river view. There is even a designated spot for your picnics at the Commandment Rock Picnic area. Lucky visitors get to spot lorikeets, spoonbills and other exotic varieties of birds. You may even spot a turkey or two wandering inside the bushes.

  1. Check out Authenticity at Versace Pizza

While the US and Italy are well known for their pizzas, Australia too adds its own twist when it comes to this dish. Versace Pizza takes their job very seriously and holds onto the authentic way of making pizzas – via the wood oven. Every pizza here is made specially inside the 400 degree celsius wood oven. Enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizza with your gang along with an array of pastas, salads and lip smacking deserts. While your Student accommodation near Macquarie University should come with a fully equipped kitchen, there will be days when you won’t feel like cooking. Versace Pizza could be the perfect saviour. 

  1. Skate inside the Macquarie Ice Rink  

While Macquarie University keeps its students on a pretty tight schedule, you’ll get bouts of free time. If you are an expert skater or want to take up a new hobby, the Macquarie Ice Rink could be the place for you. It is a 40 year old institution where new skaters learn every year. The cheapest time to visit here is around 4-5pm on weekdays. Moreover though the weekend tickets won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

  1. Shop your Heart out at the Macquarie Centre 

If you are not one with an adventure streak in your bones, you can head for the Macquarie Centre for some good old shopping. Moreover this huge mall can be extremely confusing and new visitors often get lost. Meanwhile this upmarket retail centre is packed with brands like H&M, Zara, Sephora among others. If you don’t have that kind of budget, there are local fashion brands as well. A day out in the mall can take off that academic stress on weekends. 

  1. Bring out your inner child at Eden Gardens

Take a trip back to childhood at Eden Gardens – a huge green area with sculpture park, cafes, beehive cubby house, display gardens dotted with waterfalls, bridges and picturesque archways. From time to time, plant workshops are organizing here. Moreover if you cannot keep that one dorm plant alive, you can definitely visit here. 

In order to enjoy these amazing weekend activities without any hassle, be sure to select the right student accommodation near Macquarie University that comes with plenty of amenities. 

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