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What are the 5 Animated Corporate Video Production Styles for 2022?

The animated corporate video production has seen a dramatic boom in its development where businesses are adopting new techniques combined with robust technologies to market their products and services. Companies are creating interactive videos highlighting the company’s goals, services, and strategy. Different businesses or industries use various types of videos to attract a larger target market, letting them choose from live streaming to live-action videos. Hence, companies need to research and brainstorm before coming up with unique ideas to create a highly-engaging content. It becomes a must to align the video with its message and tone.

Companies opt for different video marketing strategies depending on the message they communicate to the audience. These videos contain different styles, each facilitating companies with unique video designs where explainer, whiteboard, and motion graphics services are the popular choice.

However, companies experiment with varying animation styles as well to make their product and services more attractive using multiple mediums. Choosing the right type of video animation services is vital to the business’s success. It highlights the company’s core functionalities and goals depending on the message that needs to be communicated to the right target audience. Here are a few videos that have changed the business marketing landscape with new technologies.

The 5 Types of Animated Corporate Video Production Styles

The animated corporate video production is a challenging task to create engaging and unique themes to deliver the company’s message to its audience. Businesses often hire developers to create engaging videos. Often this depends on the target market that companies are targeting. The video animation services saw a dramatic increase in their demand in the last few years, where businesses tried to create unique experiences by producing videos that looked more real. From 2D animations to slow-motion animation videos, we have come a long way in the video marketing field.

1. Motion Graphics Videos

Another most used animation videos have to be motion graphics which uses animation or digital footage to create an illusion of movement combined with audio to keep the user engaged for a longer time. The unique way of communication has transformed how marketers and businesses communicate the product or services information to the users with a captivating story. Moreover, the motion graphics services get mainly used for explainer videos using a minimalist style. Many big brands use it to narrate their brand story. Examples of motion graphics videos used by companies are Pepperfry, ICT, Google cloud IoT solutions, etc.

2. 2D Animation Videos

The 2D animation videos are the most classic-looking video marketing styles. The two-dimensional video uses motion images in a digital space to connect the user with the story more immersive. It builds a stronger connection keeping the users engaged much longer than the traditional video marketing styles.

Many well-known cartoons like Looney Tunes, Snow White, The Simpsons, and The Jungle Book are perfect examples of 2D animations videos. The process starts by combining various pictures of different heights and widths to create an illusion of movement without adding depth in a two-dimensional environment.

3. 3D Animation Videos

3D animation or three-dimensional animation videos are an upgrade of the 2D animation videos that use advanced graphic techniques to add motion in characters and objects to make them look realistic. Additionally, you may have seen these types of animated corporate video production services in games, movies, and TV shows.

The advancement in technology and the demand for unique marketing ways have led to 3D videos that communicate the company’s message more effectively. The process starts with the conceptualization and design of the entire video’s storyboard. Later the developers move forward with the texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, and compositing steps that make the video come to life. Toy Story, Shrek, and Transformers are prime examples of such videos.

4. Whiteboard Animation

We all have heard a lot about whiteboard animation in the video marketing industry, where developers use cost-effective tools to design and develop videos. These videos give an illusion of hand-drawn content similar to school white and blackboards. It is one of the most used ways of providing information to the audience using simple graphics that are easy to understand. Moreover, these videos use illustrations and two-dimensional graphics to draw the complete story on the screen, keeping the customers spellbound.

Unlike the motion graphics services, the whiteboard animation videos revolve around clarity, script, and clear voice quality to make the marketing successful. Furthermore, businesses worldwide have adapted to these kinds of videos to narrate the story and create curiosity amongst the users. DC HomeBuzz, Elevations Credit Union, Coca Cola 2020, and Adobe Echo sign used whiteboard animation to get to a larger audience, letting them connect with the brand from scratch.

5. Stop-motion Animation Video

Since the world is advancing rapidly with the integration of next-age technologies, companies are using unique techniques to market their brands. The stop-motion video is another animation technique businesses use to narrate the brand story effectively. The method enables capturing one frame at a time while moving each object slightly in the frame.

Once the frames get put together, the objects and images give an illusion of movement. Moreover, it is further categorized into object-motion, claymation, pixilation, cutout-motion, puppet animation, and silhouette animation, each having a different approach towards marketing the brand or making movies.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Two Strings, Caroline and Chicken Run are a few examples of such videos that changed the perspective of animation videos leading businesses to market their products through the new technique.


The world is all about marketing products and services using advanced technologies and techniques to target a larger market. Since the animation of most of the videos, businesses have started combining and experimenting with different types of animations together, creating a competitive edge in less time.

The above were a few examples of different kinds of animated corporate video production services companies use these days to enhance user experiences. However, there are other video services like live streaming, interview videos, vlogs, 360-degree videos, etc., that are also used by industries to market their brand.

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