What are the Best Color Choices for a Business Logo?

Choosing the right business logo color can be a hard decision, as there are many different colors that will work. However, with a little business logo color theory, you can choose the business logo color that works best for your business and your brand. Many people will tell you to stay away from certain business logo colors or feel like they need to match up with their business card, but really the main thing is not what business logo colors you should avoid but rather what business logo colors help build trust and convey the message of your business effectively.

Business Logo Color Theory: The Psychology behind Colors in Logo Design

If you want to know business logo color theory then it all starts with psychology. Even if we’re just talking about one specific color psychology, business logo color theory is the best place to start. For example, if you think about business logo colors that are often used by businesses then there’s a good chance that you think of blue business logos or green business logos. This is because those two business logo colors have been shown in studies to inspire trust and security, which are things that most businesses want to convey with their business logo design.

In fact, it has been shown through research that the top business color choices for a business logo design tend to be blue and green as they create a sense of security and stability. Of course, there are different shades of each business color but this is what tends to work best – especially when you consider all the psychology behind business colors.

Logo Color Theory: Other Colors That Work

That doesn’t mean that you can’t use other colors for your business logo design though. If you want to know business logo color theory then the best thing to do is really look at what psychological effects are produced by different colors. For example, red is a very high-energy color which means it’s often used by sports brands or health-conscious businesses. However, if there was one thing that you could say about red it would be that it inspires passion, intensity, and excitement – so great for some business logos but not so well for others.

What about black?

Well, black can work well in some cases, especially when you consider all of the psychology behind color, but black tends to have a lot of negative connotations associated with it. Obviously, there are some positives to black, but most businesses don’t want to convey a sense of evil or negativity in their business logo design.

Overall, the best way to think about which colors work best for your business logo is by understanding the general psychology behind colors. This means you should do some research into color meaning, but also consider different shades and options so that you can identify whether or not you’re chosen business logo color works for you.

Business Logo Color Theory: Contrasting Colors & Complementary Colors

Once you understand the main psychological effects of colors in branding then you can go on to learn more about using contrasting colors and complementary colors in your branding efforts. For example, one of the things that you’ll want to do is use contrasting business colors. You can even think of this as a way of taking advantage of color theory – which is where you consider the psychology behind colors – to create a more visually appealing brand.

What about complementary business logo colors?

Well having two different business logo colors that complement each other brings all sorts of benefits to your branding efforts, but it’s also something that many businesses don’t take advantage of. Complimentary business logo color schemes are often seen as being the pinnacle of good design, and there are plenty of reasons why these work so well from a psychological perspective.

Of course, there are benefits to using contrasting or complementary business logo colors. However, if you want to get started with your own branding effort then the best thing to do is get a good understanding of the psychology behind business colors. By learning about some basic color theories you can create a really compelling and visually appealing brand.

This means you don’t need any real design skills, even though it’s great if you have them, but instead you just need an understanding of how colors work and what they mean psychologically. You might also want to think about using the right font with your logo design as this too has deep psychological connections associated with it

Business logo designing guide 2022

A business logo is the one that establishes your identity. It simply means that your logo or brand represents you, and it should be designed appropriately to make a good first impression. Here are some of the best business logo designing tips that you can follow to differentiate yourself through your business products and services.

Let’s get started!

#01. Keep It Simple

The logo should be simple, but it should also give an overall idea of your brand or business’ offering. The simplest logos are easy to remember and create a lasting impression. They successfully cater to the brief requirements like instantly conveying what you’re offering, clearly showing it’s for “business” purposes, as well as looking attractive. Most of the successful logos follow this rule, e.g., Facebook’s logo is just its name without any design elements, and so is Apple’s logo.

#02. Be Unique

Now coming to the uniqueness means your business logo should be different and out of the box than others in order to set your business apart. For this, you need to ask yourself what are the reasons that may cause people to differentiate between two similar logos?

One way is to carefully use an entirely different color palette for your logo when compared with others in the same category. Another important consideration here is uniqueness in terms of design elements used in the logo, rather than just colors. For instance, your logo should have a unique ‘feel’ to it when compared with others.

#03. Always Keep It Simple & Unique

This brings us to the next point which is about balancing between simplicity and uniqueness. You can’t use too many design elements or color shades that are out of the box, otherwise, the logo will get complicated. For example, using more than two colors in your logo design is a big no-no!

Also, make sure to avoid extreme opulence and extravagance. Use simple fonts and readable text which doesn’t look like ‘scribble’. Also, stick to material that’s commonly found and not unusable or out of the ordinary.

#04. Consistency Is Key, Keep It Consistent!

When your logo goes all-encompassing with a design and style for your business. You should maintain that same feeling throughout things like product labels, stationery, website, and so on. Also, keep it consistent within itself. For example, don’t change your logo design or color scheme every now and then.

#05. Avoid Common Logo Mistakes!

There are some common mistakes that people often make when designing business logos which you should avoid like the plague! It’s better to go for good design over trendy designs, i.e., don’t try to follow what other people are doing. Also, avoid using too many colors because it will make your logo look like an amateur design.

#06. Logo Blends With Business Name

Every business logo needs to be designed in such a way that it looks good. And goes well with the business name (of course if there’s one for your business). What we mean here is that the logo should complement the name and not highlight itself as much as possible. For example, if your business name has two words, make sure to use one dominant color for the first word. And another color for the second word in order to visually separate those two words.

#07. Avoid Distracting Elements

In your business logo, avoid things like borders and lines which make the logo look complicated. These elements don’t add any value to your brand or product, so it’s better to steer clear of them. Also, make sure you use the right font for your business with readable text in order to convey a clear message. You can also use negative space to add simplicity.

#08. Keep It Eye-Catching

Just like all great brands and services, you should make sure your logo has a ‘wow’ factor and is eye-catching! Use design elements that will make the logo stand out and convey the message it’s supposed to. Also, make sure not to overcrowd your logo design with multiple logos, texts, and other icons.

#09. Keep It Away From Politics!

You should also refrain from using elements that are related to religion, violence, or sensitive topics like war, terrorism, etc. Because it can turn people off which will affect your business in a negative way. Also, avoid using religious symbols or logos.

#10. Keep It Localized

This is especially important for local businesses. Which are known to people living in a certain geographic location, like towns, regions, and countries. They must make sure their business logo looks localized. That is it should look similar or identical for all people who come from that particular area.

#11. Keep It Consistent Over Time!

Finally, you need to keep all of the above tips in mind when designing your logo. But also make sure that it’s consistent with itself over time. You can’t change your logo design or color scheme every now. And then because people will lose interest in it and it will also confuse them.

So there you have it, a comprehensive list of tips and tricks for designing your business logo! We hope this article helps you design a great-looking logo for your business. Stay tuned for more articles right here at ‘The Rocket Corner’!

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