What Are Wooden Plank Tiles?

Wooden plank tiles are made of ceramic or porcelain and are meant to look like genuine wood in a certain location. For example, rustic plank tiles resemble genuine wood so closely that it’s impossible to tell the difference without touching them.

High-tech production, along with high-detail scanners and powerful 3D digital imaging, has produced realistic images that imitate the feel, warmth, and character that one could anticipate from träplanka tiles design. It’s incredible to learn that once laid, they make the room appear really righteous and lifelike. As a result, if one desires majestic, crisp, and elegant-looking rustic flooring, there is no need to purchase expensive raw wood.

Why are wooden plank tiles the most popular trend?

Why are wooden plank tiles the most popular trend?

Wooden plank tiles are one of the most popular and fashionable solutions, providing a cost-effective yet realistic appearance to enhance the aesthetic of any home or business area.



When wooden plank tiles are properly fitted and maintained, they clearly become a long-lasting option for furniture. Unlike real wooden planks, wooden plank tiles are easy to clean, can be swept, and require no special upkeep. These tiles’ main selling features are their durability and consistency.

either way, they will endure a long time, which is what makes them so valuable. Furthermore, the wood look never goes out of style, reducing the odds of repainting the room. It doesn’t matter if they become wet or hot.


All of the wooden planks may be found here. Explore our assortment of vitrified wooden planks that are inspired by nature; Inspire here.


There are some tiles with great appearances that are not only uncommon and valuable but also come in unique colors and patterns that are not available anywhere else.

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