Wisdom teeth Removal London Ontario

The wisdom teeth removal  London Ontario is a typical procedure. However, it’s still considered a surgery. As with every other surgical procedure, this means there are risks with the procedure. If you consider going to the dentist and removing your wisdom teeth, it’s crucial to know the risks involved. In this blog, we’ll look at the potential risks of wisdom teeth removal London Ontario and how you can lessen these risks. Find out more here!

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?

The third molars are final teeth that develop as you grow older. Healthy third molars develop between 17 to 25. If like many people, you don’t have enough room in the mouth’s back to accommodate additional teeth, wisdom teeth have a range of issues when they get bigger:

  • Sideways or angled growth that results in impaction.
  • Infection.
  • Pressuring or pressing on teeth of other types.
  • Unevenness and misalignment.
  • Tumors or cysts that are present in your jaw.

Wisdom teeth removal London Ontario will allow you to keep your teeth in place and help maintain healthy dental health.

How We Prepare You For Recovery?

Team of surgeons will meet with you before your procedure to make sure that you understand what you can expect.

Following Wisdom Teeth Removal, We’ll Perform The Following:

You will be provided with prescriptions for pain medicine and prescribe antibiotics based on your requirements.

Be sure to have gauze and other materials to improve your comfort and speed up your Recovery.

Provide you with post-operative instructions for care and reminders on what you should eat and food items to stay clear of

What Is The Reason Why Your Diet Will Be Restricted Following The Procedure?

Most patients heal within a few days after wisdom teeth removal. However, what you consume during the beginning can help guarantee a positive result. A quick change in your diet following wisdom tooth removal will protect the surgical site and aid in healing.

Wisdom Teeth Removal London Ontario

What Can You Eat Following The Wisdom Teeth Are Removed?

After the wisdom teeth removal, we’ll put gauze on the surgical sites and apply only enough pressure to encourage the formation of clots. After 45 minutes or an hour, you can take off the gauze and eat or drink.

What Can You Eat After The Wisdom Teeth Are Removed?

After the wisdom teeth are removed, you can now eat soft and easy to chew room temperature foods or cold but not frozen. You should think less about the quality of the food and more about the amount of chewing is involved. For instance, pancakes are very soft, but you’ll require a lot of chewing. Excessive chewing may cause irritation to the surgical sites or even dislodge blood clots. Wisdom teeth removal cost Ontario can be searched online.

The Day After Surgery, And For The Following One or Two Days, You Can Take A Meal:

  • Applesauce
  • Gelatin
  • Hummus
  • Ice cream
  • Pudding
  • Smoothies
  • The broth, soup, or thin soup is delicious.
  • Yogurt

In a matter of days, the healing process usually improves enough to incorporate other food items back into your diet slowly.

  • Avocado
  • Beans
  • Oatmeal
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Egg scrambles
  • Squash
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Softer pasta (e.g., macaroni, orzo, spaghetti)
  • Finely cut and sliced seafood or other meats


You should chew towards the back of your mouth, away from the extraction areas.

Avoid drinking with a straw as the force of sucking can cause blood clots.

Avoid These Foods Following A Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Chewy food items take longer to chew food. As a result, it can cause irritation to the surgical areas.

Spicy Foods

It can be difficult to keep foods with a strong flavor separated from one part of your mouth. While you eat, saliva spreads the spiciness throughout your mouth, and it could cause irritation or even burns to the surgical locations. Seeds and grains tiny pieces of grain and seeds may be inserted into wounds, which can cause irritation and lead to infection. Cold or hot foods Temperature extremes may cause irritation to surgical sites and lead to irritation.

Wound Care

Gauze pad(s) must be placed directly on your extraction site(s) and then held in place using firm biting pressure. Proper positioning can help prevent you from swallowing blood, which may cause nausea. Change your gauze pad(s) every 20 to 40 minutes. If the gauze pads are stained with little or no blood, they’re not needed. The amount of blood loss you experience will differ from person to, and most bleeding will cease in 3-4 hours. However, some bleeding can last up to 24 hours. Before starting the procedure you may search about Ontario wisdom teeth removal cost.

Don’t wash your hands on the day of surgery, as it could cause bleeding to continue. Start salt water rinses following surgery, and continue for one week.. To make the saltwater solution, dissolve 1 teaspoon salt within a glass of tap water that is warm.

You can begin irrigation one week after surgery if you’ve received an irrigating needle. Fill the syringe up with hot salt water, insert the edge of the syringe a quarter of the way through the extraction site and begin flushing. Let the solution drop out of your mouth and down into the drain, and do not flush. There is a chance that you will see lots of food particles, and you should continue to water every area until the solution has gone away. Perform this three to four times each day (after every meal) for about a week and decrease after the healing process of the surgical site.

Start brushing your teeth the next day following surgery. It is essential to clean every tooth, even if your gums or teeth are sensitive. The accumulation of food particles and bacteria around the extraction sites could slow the healing process. Do not use an electric toothbrush near the surgical areas

Final Paragraph:

If you’re looking for wisdom teeth removal  London Ontario  is a great location. The city is full of dentists willing to assist you with the procedure. In addition, it’s where you can find some interesting historical sites that you can explore once you’ve healed from your procedure. What are you waiting to do? Get your appointment today!

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