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What Is an SAP Course? (With Benefits and Job Opportunities)


SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products and it is one of the leading software systems useful for managing various business processes. In addition, it helps in data processing and ensures information flow across an organization.

Modules of SAP:

Financial Accounting:

SAP financial accounting is responsible for managing the financial transactions of a business. In addition, it is flexible and helps in knowing about the real-time financial position of a company. Moreover, it is capable of integrating with other modules like SD, PP, Payroll. Etc.


This module helps in controlling the planning, reporting, and monitoring operations of businesses. In addition, it helps in viewing and organizing the cost of operations and allows a business to plan, track, perform and report costs. Moreover, it also helps in managing and configuring master data.

Sales & Distribution:

SAP SD is responsible for managing all the transactions of a business such as inquiries, proposals, quotations, pricing, and more. In addition, its use results in providing better inventory control and management. It further consists of a few sub-components like master data, sales support, shipping. Etc

Production Planning:

It helps in production planning and managing and it consists of master data, system configuration, and transactions to help in the production procedure. Moreover, it collaborates with master data, operations planning, Etc while managing production.

Material Management:

SAP MM is responsible for managing the materials required, processed, and produced within a business. In addition, it consists of various sub-modules that are Vendor master data, purchasing, inventory management, Etc.

Quality Management:

It takes care of the quality of a product across processes in an organization. In addition, it results in the fast growth of an organization as it helps in managing quality in different processes. QM module collaborates with procurement and sales, production, inspection. Etc.

Human Capital Management:

HCM module focuses on increasing the work process and data management in the HR department of a company. In addition, it helps in hiring a hiring an employee, evaluating performances, handling compensations, and taking care of payrolls.

Advantages For SAP ERP For Business:

SAP is a cost-effective solution and it helps in minimizing the administration and operations expenses by using accurate and real-time information. In addition, it results in preventing duplication and ensures transparency within a company. Moreover, it lowers the need to manually enter the data and thus, reduces the chances of business errors and increases productivity.

SAP is a highly mobile software solution and it allows users to work from anywhere from a range of devices such as laptops, tablets, or cell phones. To further know about this software tool, one can visit SAP Training Institute in Delhi. Apart from these given below are some of the benefits of using SAP ERP.

  • Highly Customizable
  • Absolute Analysis and Forecasting
  • Reliable Customer Service
  • Security Assurance as well as Advancing Data Management
  • Helps in Effortless Scaling
  • Career Opportunities In SAP

SAP comes with a wide range of modules and each module is responsible for managing a particular set of processes in an organization.  Moreover, these modules cover all aspects of IT and business management, and learning them is highly beneficial from a career perspective. In addition, there are 28 modules in this ERP and each module offers multiple career opportunities for individuals. Many institutions provide Sap online training and certification and one can enroll in them to start a career in it. Given below are some of the module-wise career opportunities for SAP aspirants.

Quality Management (QM):

It offers job opportunities like System Specialist, Quality Engineer, Functional Consultant, Application Consultant, Software Engineer. Etc.

Materials Management (MM):

Certification in this module provides job opportunities like Project Manager, Procurement Specialist, Trainer, Team Leader, Purchase Executive. Etc.

Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO) Module:

It provides job opportunities like Project Leader, Module Lead, Process Developer, Functional Consultant, Manager Costing, as well as  CO Consultant.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Certifications in it offer career opportunities like Project Manager, System Engineer, Software Engineer, Customer Relationship Management Manager, CRM Technical Consultant, and Functional Consultant.

Human Capital Management (HCM) Module:

This module offers job opportunities like an HR manager, HR Generalist, Assistant Manager HR, HCM Functional Consultant, HR Recruiter. Etc

Sales and Distribution (SD) Module:

CRM Functional Consultant, Team Leader, Project Manager, Software Engineer, Senior Designer are some of the job titles that you can achieve after certification in this module.

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