What is cirrus broker?

The following is a brief introduction to the cirrus broker.

Cirrus Broker Introduction

The cirrus-type DDoS mitigation system is a cutting-edge solution for services that have been hit hard with L7 attacks.

However, it is only compatible with Linux Kernels 2.6+ (not older than version 2.6.38). There are no binaries for Windows or Mac OS X yet but there are plans for releasing one in the future.

A typical cirrus-type DDoS mitigation system consists of two components – a frontend and a backend.

When a site is under attack, the front end on your web server receives incoming traffic while back-end servers act as DNS for that domain.

The entire operation runs in seconds for minimal service downtime, allowing legitimate users to access the website immediately after mitigation finishes.

Cirrus Broker System Diagram

The only requirement from existing websites is that they have working DNS hosting services to provide DNS responses to resolve their own domain names.

This allows organizations such as Google Cloud DNS or Amazon Route 53 DNS services to be used as default DNS services.

When installed the frontend immediately begins scanning for sources of DDoS attack traffic.

Security breaches are not always easy to detect, but this company has some of the most advanced security features around.

They can verify traffic and mitigate attacks in less than 100 milliseconds!

As a result, legitimate users access websites without any disruptions even during large-scale DDoS attacks.

How to become a cirrus broker?

To become a Cirrus Broker you only need to install the frontend on one of your web servers and ask those who want to use your service as an attack traffic source to configure their DDoS tools accordingly.

The frontend is capable of detecting all kinds of attacks, including HTTP floods and UDP/SYN floods – it analyzes both Layer 4 and Layer 7 attack traffic simultaneously.

Benefits of becoming a cirrus broker

  •  You can make money by offering DDoS mitigation services (DNS) to others.
  •  You can help organizations and individuals who cannot afford advanced protection from large-scale attacks since you only need to install the frontend on one of your web servers.
  • Many of our current cirrus brokers started this way: they installed the frontend on their own servers and now they offer their services as cirrus brokers to those in need for free without earning anything themselves, simply because they believe that helping others is more important than making money

How to become a client of a cirrus broker?

To become a client of Cirrus Broker you’ll need to find your own DNS service provider (for example, Google Cloud DNS or Amazon Route 53) for hosting your domain.

In any case, if you decide to use xip.io be aware that there is no point in using anything other than its IPv6 address feature because ipv4 will always have an order of magnitude less capacity when compared to IPv6, and will result in lower performance.

As a client, you will need to point your domain name (eg: example.com) to the public IP address of the server where Cirrus Brokers installed their frontend.

This protects your websites from DDoS attack traffic without requiring any changes on your side!

You do not have to spend money or time doing that: we do everything for you free.

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