Understading the Eclectic Interior Design Photo from Fabrics and Papers

Changing the interior design style of your home is one of the best ways to create an eye-catching look in your living room if you are planning to redesign it. Eclectic interior design is one of the best interior design styles to choose if you want your home to have a unique look.

What is eclectic interior design?

Eclectic interior design is a style that bends, but not breaks, interior design principles to suit your own taste. This interior design style features balance, rhythm, proportion, and size, yet having similar qualities to bohemian. When it comes to places around the house, this style supports a unique yet elegant approach.

To put it another way, eclectic interior design is a mash-up of your preferred styles. This interior design style can be difficult to carry off because, on the one hand, you must adhere to basic design principles while, on the other hand, you are free to experiment with color, texture, and finish.

Eclectic interior design’s history

The origins of eclectic interior design styles can be traced back to the late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries, when architects were proud of their refusal to follow a specific design pattern. Rather of standing out from the crowd, these design and architecture pioneers created a style of building that was later applied to home d├ęcor .

Eclectic interior design characteristics

Mixing two diverse styles and creating a unique and harmonious combination is one of the well-known aspects of eclectic interior design. When you mix styles that don’t compliment each other, you usually end up with a place that draws people in. However, you should always think about whether or not opposites attract.

This is why eclectic interior design appears to be simple. Yes, you’ll need to mix and match furniture and pieces from various designs, but you’ll also want to make sure they complement each other. Most people who can pull off this design focus on having a variety of elements mixed in with one focal point. The most secure uniting factor is a theme or color.

When it comes to mixing and matching, combining old and new elements is a great way to achieve an eclectic look. An oriental rug, for example, can be the focal point of a living room if combined with modern sofa sets, pillows, and tables, as long as all of the pieces are connected and balanced.

Eclectic interior design can be described as contrasting, eye-catching, or unique. It is not, however, careless or “anything goes.” An eclectic appearance is not achieved by breaking every design norm. Instead, this results in unintended imbalance and randomness.

How to create a home with an eclectic interior design


If varied and opposing materials are not used in a room in a harmonic manner, it might become chaotic. Having a unifying hue creates this harmony when creating an eclectic look. Pick a few colors for your home’s motif and use them in carpets, throw cushions, side tables, and floor lamps.

Make sure that one of the colors you chose serves as the room’s main color motif, with the rest serving as accent colors.

Point of focus

Having a focal point is also important in obtaining this style. While eclectic interior design incorporates ideas from various design schools , it is important to include an eye-catching accent. This element can be an accent wall, fireplace, decorative item, or eclectic carpets, which are one of the greatest go-to eclectic things.

When it comes to this design, statement pieces can go a long way. However, if you employ too many of them, you will lose sight of their purpose as statement pieces. It’s only necessary to have one or two. Consider the size of the room when deciding on the amount of statement objects to use as a focal point.


When it comes to the backdrop, a neutral hue is preferable. Choosing a neutral color draws attention to the room’s varied features and focal point. When you have fascinating aspects thrown into the mix, having a bold and vibrant hue can be damaging to the eyes.

When it comes to creating an eclectic home design style, white and gray are ideal colors. When it comes to room design, the eyes should have a space to relax. Keep certain spots on shelves and tables unfilled to generate negative space. A blank space on your wall might also help guests not feel overwhelmed by your space.


Being consistent when it comes to elements is a sin in eclectic interior design. Yes, color and focus points should be consistent, but when it comes to furniture, it’s a different story. Because eclectic interior design is all about opposing aspects, you can do whatever you want as long as you stick to the three guidelines outlined above.

But how do you choose a style? This question can be answered in any way you wish. Mixing classic and modern elements in this design can’t go wrong. A vintage rocking chair next to a mid-century contemporary coffee table, for example, is not supposed to complement other types, but it is completely good in terms of creating an eclectic aesthetic.

This interior design style is suited you if you travel to different areas. You can bring back various pieces of furniture and items from your adventures and use them in your home. These items of memorabilia can be used as focal points in various rooms. This manner, you’ll have a room that not only has an eclectic design, but also one that conveys stories.

A house with a lot of stories to tell

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