What Makes Invisalign The Best Option For Teens And Young Adults?

The use of metal braces throughout middle school and high school used to be a cultural norm. However, it is no longer the case. Metal braces, especially the self-ligating braces that we employ at our office, have become smaller, more streamlined, and more beautiful in recent years. However, metal braces are not the only choice available today invisalign manchester.

Clear braces, which are less obvious than their metal counterparts, are an option for younger patients who do not wish to use metal brackets and wires in their orthodontic treatment. Patients now have another option to straighten their teeth without having to wear traditional braces due to a product called invisalign liverpool  in Surrey.

This is how Invisalign works for patients under the age of 18

Your kid or adolescent will come in for a consultation and examination at one of our dental practices so that our specialists may review their diagnostic data and conduct a comprehensive checkup. Because of this, the medical professional will be able to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and provide individualised suggestions for therapy. Our Invisalign dentist in Surrey will guide you through the process and address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Invisalign Teen 

Invisalign Teen is the best option for your child or teenager, a member of our team will take quick and comfortable digital impressions of their teeth using our iTero scanner. 

Step By Step Procedure 

  • Following the uploading of the scans to our computer, a three-dimensional model of your child’s mouth will be construct. 
  • The treatment that your kid will get will be plan out directly on the model by the orthodontist, who will then move each individual tooth into its proper position. 
  • They can foresee a variety of outcomes and anticipate potential problems, which enables them to design the ideal smile to compliment your child’s particular facial characteristics while simultaneously maximising the effectiveness of therapy.
  • They can even show you what your child’s smile will look like after treatment with invisalign manchester  has been completed by using a tool called the Invisalign Outcome Simulator. After the treatment plan has been developed, the orthodontist will next communicate their needs to the Invisalign lab so that they may be manufactured.
  • In the Invisalign lab, the orthodontist’s instructions will be converted into a sequence of aligners that are 3D produced specifically for the patient. You are welcome to come to pick up the Invisalign aligners for your kid whenever they are ready invisalign manchester.
  • Your preteen or adolescent will need to wear their Invisalign Teen aligners for around 20 to 22 hours each day, removing them only to eat, drink anything other than simple water, clean and floss their teeth, and go to the bathroom.
  • The aligners are design to have a close fit against the teeth and to provide consistent, light pressure to move the teeth into the correct position. Your child’s smile will gradually take form as they go through the series of aligners since each pair of aligners has been pre-programm to bring about the desire changes in the position of the teeth invisalign manchester.

Invisalign manchester

Your kid will be able to show off a beautiful and healthy smile after they have completed their treatment with Invisalign and removed their last set of aligners. They will visit us so that we can measure them for a bespoke retainer. The only option to prevent the teeth from moving back to their previous positions is to use a retainer, which, after some time, will only need to be worn a few nights each week. Clear retainers, also known as Invisalign retainers, are available from our company. These retainers fit similarly to Invisalign aligners and are just as pleasant and discreet as the aligners.

What are the Advantages of Using Invisalign for Children and Young Adults?

Invisalign offers children and teenagers a variety of advantages, some of which are as follows:

1. The Aligners are So Small That They Are Hardly Visible

The aligners used by Invisalign Teen are construct of transparent, smooth plastic that is free of BPA and is design to fit directly over the teeth. The majority of people won’t even realise that your kid is wearing aligners, and they may keep smiling with self-assurance while they are undergoing treatment because of this invisalign manchester.

2. There Are Not Any Dietary Limitations

Patients will often inquire about topics like whether or not they may have candies while using Invisalign, for example. Is it okay to consume popcorn while undergoing treatment with clear aligners? Yes, it is possible to consume lollipops while wearing Invisalign, and popcorn is also OK. Since the aligners can be removed, there are no dietary restrictions associate with their use. If children remember to clean their teeth after taking out their aligners and before reinserting them, they are free to continue eating all of the foods that they like, including popcorn, pizza crust, and sweets, while undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

3. It’s A Piece Of Cake To Floss And Brush Your Teeth

The fact that the aligners can be remove also means that children can continue to wash and floss their teeth in the same manner that they always have without having to avoid brackets and wires. When deciding between braces and Invisalign for your child, this is an important factor to take into consideration if your child does not practise good dental hygiene.

4. The Procedure Is Straightforward & Relaxing 

The aligners used in Invisalign are very smooth and easy to wear. They will not cause irritation to the mouth as braces sometimes can. Even some children may experience some sensitivity during the first week of treatment with Invisalign and occasionally after putting in new aligners, this sensitivity is usually moderate and the aligners are well tolerate by our Houston Invisalign Teen patients.

If you would like to know about Invisalign offers in London, Surrey and other 30 locations where we have established ourselves in the UK,  then get in touch with us today take the first step toward a more beautiful smile What Makes Invisalign The Best Option For Teens And Young Adults?


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