What to wear on desert Safari Dubai

Dubai desert safari is the most wonderful place to visit and cherish the charm of sunset and sunrise on the golden dunes. We always have heard about the hotness of the desert and witnessed the same. So, people are worried about the clothes to wear in this hot desert. So, what are your expectations? People usually make mistakes of taking the outfits meant for cold hot weather, but the reality is that the desert is hot in the day and cold at night as the temperature drops suddenly. So, you have to choose your outfit accordingly. No worries, we will help you out in choosing the best outfit for your desert safari.

Dressing For Men and Women in Desert Safari Dubai

Cotton jackets and loose clothing are recommended for men. If the weather is hot, don’t wear jeans and tight-fitting clothes, making you feel awkward and uncomfortable. During the summer months, Dubai is very hot. Hence, women should avoid wearing short skirts and dresses that show their legs, as they will feel suffocated and attract heat to their bodies, which is not good. The skin of women should be protected from scorching sun’s harmful rays by wearing long-sleeved shirts/tops with long pants or knee-length skirts. If you wear open-toe shoes or sandals, your feet will be exposed to hot winds, which can be extremely harmful.

Accessories To Carry With your Clothes

During the Dubai desert safari, accessories include your bag, luggage, jewelry, shoes, scarf, and so on for ladies. For men, they can take shoes, glasses, muffler, and cap. These are the things that people can take with themselves. However, you all have to be careful because the desert safari rides will be much thrilling, and all your fashion sense can go to downfall if you do not take care of yourself and your clothes. Your clothes will get dirty in the sand, and if you do not have extra pair of shoes and clothes, it will become tough for you to manage your styling.

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Tips and Warnings

  • You should carry one warm blanket with you; it will come in handy if the temperature starts to drop. Don’t forget to bring extra clothes like a sweater or jacket because if your clothes get wet due to excessive sweating, then they won’t keep you warm.
  • Carry dry snacks and drinking water for desert safari Dubai trip because there are chances that you might get hungry or thirsty.
  • There is a possibility that your vehicle will become stuck in the sand; hence it is essential to carry a shovel and spade with you to dig the soil and make a way out for your vehicle.
  • Try going on a Dubai Desert Safari trip at least once because any other adventure in Dubai cannot substitute this experience.
  • The best thing about desert safari Dubai is that you can enjoy riding camels, horses, and quads in the Arabian deserts. Hence, if you are traveling with your children, make sure they experience this fantastic activity.
  • Keep yourself hydrated because a camel ride or desert safari Dubai trip will make you thirsty, and drink plenty of water to avoid feeling dehydrated.
  • You will get to see beautiful sands, scenic landscapes, and the most amazing sunrises during your desert safari Dubai trip, so make sure you have your camera handy otherwise, you’ll regret it later on. Try wearing light dresses rather than dark ones because nights can get really cold during the summer months in deserts. So if you wear dark-colored clothes, then they might get wet due to excessive sweating, which will lead to cold at night so try wearing light colors to keep warm.
  • Don’t forget to smile while having fun in Arabian deserts because experiencing this surreal experience is something that should be cherished forever.

Final Words

Dubai Desert safari is something that all of you should go for at least once. However, just like any other trip, it is essential to be well prepared and dressed accordingly. If you do not dress appropriately, this beautiful experience will become a nightmare. So make sure you carry all these desert safari cuisines with you so that you enjoy the best time of your life.

You should enjoy all the rides, including dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and camel riding, along with evening live performances. Everything will be just mind-blowing. You can book your tickets now and have a great tour of Dubai. Dubai is not just about a desert safari, you will see many more beautiful places here. See the link if you like https://www.sunsetdesertsafari.com/


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