Managed Magento Cloud

When & Why Do We Need Managed Magento Cloud?

The term ‘cloud’ is related to online services. Cloud offers you stable and secure online information hosting services. There are two kinds of web hosting for online stores: cloud and on-premises. On-premise lets you install the website on any server you want and have complete control over its infrastructure. Many business people prefer to use the cloud because it is a secure option. Instead, cloud hosting lets you install the website on a network of physical and virtual servers at a meager cost. This article discusses managed Magento cloud, why we need it, and why it is the best hosting option for your business.

What is Magento Cloud?

Managed Magento cloud is a hosting service where your Magento hosting provider is responsible for server and software management. Choose your managed hosting provider who will carefully take care of your servers and all tasks to keep your business running.

Managed hosting for Magento includes migration, reliability, performance, and security.

Features of Managed Magento Cloud Hosting

  • Free Migration24/7 Active Support
  • Fast Connections
  • Daily Backups
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Database Management
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Updates
  • Data Encryption

Empowering these tasks removes the technical and maintenance duties so that you can grow your Magento store efficiently. In addition to these services, managed hosting has several benefits, which improve Magento management. Let’s have a look at the benefits of managed hosting for Magento.

Benefits of Using Managed Magento Cloud Hosting

If you want to make your Magento hosting experience enjoyable with high security, reliability, and uptime, turn your eCommerce dreams into reality with Managed Magento Hosting.

Enhances Security

It allows you to update malware patches and detect unauthorized access to your website. We protect all servers with platform-level firewalls and regularly upgrade firmware to ensure the best Magento store security on the cloud.

Reliability & Fast Solutions

Managed Magento cloud hosting ensures your website is always accessible and keeps a record of all critical processes. Further, it offers reliable, flexible, and fast solutions. It manages heavy traffic on your website and expands your business.

Saves Money & Time

If you use managed Magento cloud hosting, it saves your time and money. It is a very cost-effective solution and controls and maintains all activities. You also don’t need to hire an IT developer to manage and maintain the server.


Continuous monitoring guarantees a healthy status of your servers for excellent performance. It also helps determine and troubleshoot issues proactively. You can access good visibility of metrics such as CPU usage, memory, disk space, and bandwidth using a single dashboard on a powerful control panel. Managed hosting offers excellent log management solutions to study and explore large data logs for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting.

Functional Support

Managed hosting charges for all the operational and maintenance workloads to professionals for a secure and high-performing Magento platform. It provides complete functional reliability with server administrators fixing maintenance issues in a shorter period. Without managed hosting, you will also be in charge of all the technical aspects of Magento. It may become an add-on to your workload. Managed hosting stops backend tasks from your list, giving you more time and peace of mind to concentrate on your business.


Cloud works the same as Magento, and it is very flexible. If your store gets rushed suddenly, the cloud receives handled without breaking your store. It means your customers can shop anytime without facing any errors or issues.


Scalability is essential for a successful Magento store but requires flexible architecture and design. You don’t want your Magento site to be unavailable during high traffic on the website.

Managed hosting solutions help you rise globally with continuous uptime and required compliance. It is an amazing procedure to upscale or downscale resources automatically within a threshold, using predefined structures. Managed hosting services help create a robust Magento infrastructure to grow your store securely.


The host usually maintains managed servers. You can update programs as you require. With Temok, you also get an SLA.

24/7 Active Support

Magento cloud hosting offers 24/7 active and professional support via chat or emails. Our support team is always here to work with your team from start to end.

Why Choose Managed Magento Cloud Hosting?

Choose Temok for managed Magento cloud hosting and enjoy all the latest and premiere features.

Fast Loading Speed

Their server stack for hosting is optimized to run at lightning speed. Customers will enjoy the best shopping experience with instant and fast page loading.

Rapid Response

Their professionals are proud to deliver excellent support and ensure that you get rapid response through 24/7 customer support with all their managed hosting plans.

Intelligent Defense Systems

If there are any security issues on your website, it can cost you thousands of dollars. So, they have assembled all their expertise in solving and preventing problems before damaging your business’s activity.

Optimized Uptime Guarantee

They guarantee their hosting service will provide 99.99% uptime for your online store.

Comprehensive Management

Their years of experience mean that your business is in the safest hands. They will handle all daily operations done on your server to run your eCommerce business with 100% efficiency at all times. Let them manage all necessary tasks so that you can focus on expanding and growing your business.

Monthly Reports

They will provide monthly reports with all data you want to see exactly how they have kept your website safe and running with 100% uptime.

Built with Developers in Mind

Developers can access and use a simple control panel and spend more time coding and less on infrastructure.


Choosing the right Magento hosting company is not as easy as it appears. You can choose the hosting company by seeing their features according to your requirements. With managed hosting for Magento, you can concentrate on growing your e-commerce business. You get your money’s value and may quickly build a Magento website. But suppose you are launching your eCommerce store for the first time or have an established business. In that case, you will require a hosting company that takes your business to the next level. Temok does that for you. They help you achieve that competitive edge in e-commerce by providing the fastest Magento hosting and a wide range of benefits for an exceptional consumer experience. Get managed Magento cloud hosting today and experience the difference in server performance!