Shoe polish brush

Which shoe shine brush do I need?

Starting out in the world of Shoe polish brush people caring is always a journey, so here we clarify 3 basic toothbrushes that you will require not just to polish as well as sparkle your shoes, as well as the best brush for cleanup and initial products.

The first point to remember is that there have been two types of polishing and shining brooms. Your “Primary Brush” for leveling this same Shoe polish brush and achieving a soft sparkle. After trying to apply your favorite lotion, massage that on the shoes to achieve the desired sparkle.

So you can use a “Supplementary Brush” or completing brush to provide all the final sparkle on your footwear or to patch your shoes at the start or end of each day.

A horsehair shoeshine brush is required in each and every sneaker sparkle kit. This is the brush you will use 90 percent of the time and it is the most essential brush users can have. If you can only get one brush, make it a horse hair brush.

The second option is to provide a Pig Bristle Brush, which is excellent for cleanup and texturing cowhide.

It’s really just to remove the polish from the sneaker. If you have a small rock cereal shoe that really is susceptible to collecting polish. This pig natural boar brush will do a good job of actually obtaining the grain and removing it.

We suggest the Tarrago Premium Applicator, which has horse hairs as well as a 13.5 cm manage.

If you have to pick just one, go with a horsehair brush such as the Tarrago Horse Hair Made of wood Brush. This paint is very comfy to do because it is 12.5 cm in length and has lengthy hairs.

Finally, to round out your brush set, you must include a sprayer brush. Because it is the Tarrago Dauber that will be used to apply the various skin care products to the shoes. To avoid color transfers, humans suggest getting one per color. 

Horse hair brushes

The horse hair brush will be your primary tool for shining your Shoe polish brush. After you’ve tried to apply the polish, use it as a polishing brush to largely buff off the polish to achieve that lovely, gentle shine.

 Horsehair refers to the process brush is required in each and every sneaker glow equipment. It will be the applicator you’ll really use 90% of the moment.

Since all footwear shine bristles at The Hanger Project are managed to make of 100 percent

tail hair, you’ll experience significantly less thinning than you’d get from a regular store-bought mascara wand.

The Hanger Project carries two size and shape the bigger shoe space,

which is simply a larger grip with a relatively long bristle, and the smaller shoe aspect.

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Pig bristle brush

A pig bristle brush is yet another essential shoe shine brush. It’s being used to remove polish from shoes rather than leveling a sparkle. This pig bristle brush will do a good job when it comes obtaining into that wheat to delete it if you’ve a pebble grain or even more contoured pair of heels that is susceptible to accruing polish.

Goat bristle brush

We have two completing brushes available at The Hanger Project. The first is a goat hair brush with extravagantly soft bristles. The goat hair brush is primarily used to sand your Shoe brushes at the finish or beginning of the day. 

Its amazingly soft toothbrush is resolute enough just to remove any dirt while remaining gentle enough not to harm the mouth feel of your sparkle.

Wiping down one’s boots with this lovely mascara wand is as soothing and rehabilitative for the consumer as it is efficient at eliminating dust as well as going to add a very little inspiring.

Yak  brush

The yak hair brush is the finished paint in our suggested shoe shine catalogue; it is finest use it for an ultimate dust through after a sparkle. This is without a doubt the quirkiest shoe shine brush inside the globe. 

The Hanger Project and one of only a few businesses that can obtain these bristles. The yak hair brush has a super soft yet thick hairs that is completely unique in many ways. These bristles are even more rare because they can be done by hand.

Specialty Shoe Brushes


Suede as well as buck brushes, which may be using duct tape or polycarbonate for cleanup and plastic film for having to raise the snooze, are exclusions to the prohibition on plastic and metal brushes for sneaker care, never use these toolkits on seamless leather jackets.

Care of Natural Hair Shoe Brushes

As with any regimen, it is best to clean and shine your shoe brushes after every use.


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