Mean Stack development

Why choosing the MEAN stack for your modern business apps is rewarding?

The MEAN stack is well-known for its seamless web and mobile application development solutions. The MEAN stack is an assortment of advanced technologies such as MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js, which helps deliver enhanced business solutions. It is basically an assortment of the various technologies based on JavaScript used for web or mobile application development. As all the technologies of this stack are based on a single language JS, any developer with hands-on experience with it can execute the MEAN stack and develop an engaging application. As a result, the MEAN stack has been used to create full-stack applications for all sizes of enterprises and each industry. 

Let’s understand what precisely the MEAN stack is.

MEAN stack is one of the most popular technology stacks used to develop a full-stack web application. MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node .js, respectively. Although no doubt these are four different technologies, they all are based on JavaScript language. 

M- MongoDB 

is a NoSQL database that stores data, adding flexibility and accessibility. Furthermore, as both the application and database use JavaScript, there rises no need for transmission when data transfers from apps to a database. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for a database system when you have large-sized tables with detailed data. 

E- Express 

is a flexible Node.js framework for building all types of web applications- single-paged, multi-paged or hybrid apps. This mature and lightweight server framework manages the front-end and back-end interactions. 

A- Angular.js 

This Javascript structural framework is used to build dynamic web applications. It is prevalent for developing the user side using straightforward templates for both mobile and web. And, as the front-end, back-end and database are built on JavaScript, the data tides seamlessly to all parts of the application.

N- Node.js

JavaScript web server, Node.js, is used to build network applications. It is open-source and has the most wide-ranging libraries known as Node package manager. Express is developed to work with Node.js, and AngularJS supports it in providing fast data serving.

Coined by Valeri Karpov, MEAN development gained popularity after 2013, becoming the first choice of full-stack developers. You can hire a MEAN-stack developer to get dynamic applications using MEAN stack. 

An open-source JavaScript software, MEAN stack is a stack for developing dynamic web and mobile applications. As all components of the MEAN programs are written in JavaScript, the server-side and client-side environments can be written in a single language. Furthermore, being in JavaScript, the MEAN stack application architecture can be managed easily. As a result, you can effortlessly control the database, front-end, and back-end together without much complexity.

MEAN stack development has the edge over its competitor full-stack development, comprising a set of technologies – MongoDB, Express, AngularJs, and Node.js. In contrast, full-stack includes different front-end and back-end frameworks. 

MEAN stack contains powerful and valuable technologies enabling the stack to be chosen for any type of application development process. Though, there are some types of apps for which MEAN stack is used and praised a lot are;

  • Bigdata applications
  • Real-time applications
  • Enterprise complex applications
  • News aggregation applications
  • Expense tracking applications
  • Mapping and location-finding applications

Why is the MEAN stack model for your business applications? 

1. Highly versatile

The flexibility these technologies offer is terrific. In addition, MongoDB is tailored for the cloud, making automatic replication and full cluster support feasible. The framework thus allows easy testing of the apps on the cloud platform after completing the development process. Development, testing, and launching to the cloud are unified in the MEAN stack. 

2. Easy to implement 

JavaScript is the base of the MEAN stack, so the implementation is simple here. Developers can use the single language across the application and implement the MEAN stack application using the JS platform. 

3. Effective technologies

Developers can develop multifunctional and effective applications using Express, Angular, and Node. Experts in these technologies, the MEAN developers, are highly professional, understand the nature of business, and develop applications accordingly. If you hire MEAN stack developers, you will have technocrats who can handle front-end technologies, back-end technologies, and databases with equal proficiency. 

4. Very cost-effective

Cost is the prime concern while developing a web application. MEAN stack developers mainly need to be well-versed with JavaScript, whereas hiring developers with various skills is mandatory for many other frameworks, leading to more investment. The result is that fewer developers are required to work on a MEAN project compared to other frameworks. Thus, the application will be more cost-effective. 

5. Interactive applications

Node.js is the star here. It has the capability to integrate interactive capabilities in real-time applications. No wonder giants like Netflix, LinkedIn, Uber, Trello, PayPal, NASA, and many other names use MEAN stack applications.

6. Open source components

As all the components of this JavaScript-based framework are open source, it is available to everyone free of cost, and thus, it can save a few bucks for sure. 

7. Cloud compatible

Consisting of MongoDB in the stack, the apps developed using MEAN are highly compatible with the cloud. In addition, it helps implement all the cloud features with MongoDB making it easier to create, test and deploy the application.

You can hire MEAN stack developers or MEAN stack development companies to have engaging and functional web applications for your businesses. Businesses can harness the following services by opting for MEAN development-

  • Custom MEAN stack development
  • Application porting to MEAN stack
  • Migration to MEAN stack
  • MEAN stack API development
  • MEAN stack guidance and consulting 
  • MEAN stack CMS development
  • MEAN ERP development 
  • MEAN CRM development 

MEAN stack is one of the best technologies to manage web or mobile applications today. A MEAN stack developer is someone who has knowledge in some particular areas alone.  However, the benefits mentioned above are only a few, and by joining the MEAN stack bandwagon, you will surely be able to get an app that delivers an enhanced user experience. Moreover, as flexibility is the main advantage, MEAN stack applications can give you an edge over competitor applications. If you want a cost-effective, feature-rich, and engaging web and mobile application that can grow your brand and spread your identity, hire a MEAN stack developer from ManekTech, India.