Why Every School Needs Examination Management System?

School examinations are one of the most important events in the life of students. All through the year, each student is taught, practices, and studies to get good rankings in prelims and main exams. eSchool  Exam Management System helps both the school administration and the teachers keep a track of every exam conducted throughout the year. With the help of an online exam management system, all your exam-related data can be collected and can be easily accessed at any time by authorized personnel. This ensures your hard work is recorded with correct data at all times.


School examinations are an integral part of a school education system. Exams usually occur when the students have to demonstrate what they have learned during the course of the entire academic year, after sitting through rigorous lectures by the teachers from the beginning of the year. The word “exam” has only one meaning for all students and parents, though: “tension”!


Need some homework before implementation? This is the perfect place that illustrates why every school needs a dedicated school exam management system?


Let’s discuss the benefits of the examination management system in detail 

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  • Reduces management and the administration task 


School exam management is tedious work. The administration and management staff have to constantly stay on top of the process to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. At eSchool, we understand how difficult it is to manage exams and the resulting data. That’s why we’ve developed a system that streamlines the entire process, reducing your work by as much as 80%!


The eSchool School Exam Management System has digitalized and automated all of your underlying processes, so you don’t need to waste your time on paperwork. Instead, you can focus on what really matters: your students.


The system also allows for camera-based supervision so that you can monitor each student’s progress from anywhere in the classroom. No more having to hire specialized supervisors—a single teacher can monitor an entire class!


  • Eco-friendly solution


With the help of eSchool, students can check question papers on screens and submit answers the same. Teachers can easily access answer sheets and assign marks to students. The student’s marks will be calculated automatically by the school examination software. Teachers can upload their questions in advance using this school exam management system. The whole process will become paperless and eco-friendly.


There is no need to print question papers and answer sheets, which saves money and effort. After the result declaration, schools usually collect a lot of papers in form of question sheets, answer sheets, and report cards but eSchool saves you from this wastage of paper and any other resources.


  • Standard and customized reporting

Our standard reports come with this package and include subjects like:


-class attendance


-teacher attendance


-division attendance


-subject attendance


Our customized reports are available if you need something different, including topics like:


-class performance


-teacher performance


-division performance


-subject performance

  • Time-saving option

One of the major advantages of using an online exam management system is the time it saves you and your staff. In a traditional system, teachers spend long hours preparing for exams, setting up the syllabus, creating question papers, and making seating arrangements before testing has even started. And when it comes to evaluation? Well, teachers will have to manually evaluate every answer sheet and submit the results to their class teacher. Your students will then have to wait months to see their final results

With an online exam management system, time is saved significantly as auto-paper settings and sharing links are supported by the software. The paper evaluation is also completely machine-operated, so teachers don’t need to take on that burden. The computer can calculate and announce results immediately after exams, so students don’t need to wait for their grades.


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