Why Is Excessive Daytime Sleepiness A Curse?

We all get exhausted or annoyed at some point throughout the day. It could be due to the stress of a hectic schedule or simply a desire to unwind. If we’ve not been able to sleep at night with a good night’s rest and are tired during the day, it makes us focus on other things.

It’s fine to have these situations occasionally. However, if they’ve become a regular part of your life, don’t forget about these issues. Your sleeping habits affect your mood, and everything else is based on this premise. It’s no wonder that you might be feeling tired or want to sleep. But if you’re always contemplating bedtime throughout the day, that’s not typical.

Insomniac energy levels and continuous sleepiness are not acceptable in any way. Don’t let the daytime sleepiness go away on its own. It is important to work towards getting the rest you need at night. We’ll tell you why.

Daytime sleepiness and its relationship with sleep disturbances

The intense desire to rest during the day is known as sleep apnea. Narcolepsy, excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), or hypersomnia it’s when you have an intense desire to rest.

EDS can occur at any time you’ve had trouble sleeping for at least 7-8 hours during the night. Sometimes, the temporary consequences of certain medications, lifestyle choices, stress or anxiety can prevent you from getting through the nighttime routine.

The following changes are observed in your behavior when you suffer from narcolepsy:

Constant brain fog, which causes confusion and makes it difficult to make decisions.


Workplace productivity loss

Doze off when eating or talking.

Unable to rest at the end of the night

Nap in the morning, but you won’t feel refreshed.

The little pleasures of life fade away when you are constantly boreds.

It’s not a necessity that only adults suffer from the disorder known as narcolepsy. Sleepiness during the day can affect the quality of life for teens and children. This is why they begin to experience fatigue and a lack of activity. Children who are older may experience fatigue and a lack of motivation due to continuous fatigue. Don’t interpret it as a need to take a nap.

Causes of Sleepiness during the Daytime Troubles

Inconsistent cycle of sleep and wake

Sleep deprivation

Obstructive sleep apnea

Sedating drugs

Disturbed mental health

Disorders of the psychiatric spectrum

Occupational shift work disorder

Jet lag:

Do you know if there is an issue that’s affecting your sleep? You’ll need to see a doctor if this isn’t the case.

Talk to the therapist

One of the main problems for those suffering from sleepiness during the day is that they aren’t able to talk about it. They believe it might be due to one other reason and that things are likely to get back to normal in the near future. This is why EDS is not recognize and can become a huge problem.

It is crucial to consult your physician before making any assumptions. There could be medical reasons that could be the cause of your sleep problems. It is not possible to cure narcolepsy in a single night. Only a doctor can tell if you have obstructive sleep apnea, hypersomnia, or anything else.

In essence, your circadian rhythm can be disrupted. The brain cells aren’t receiving the proper signals regarding when it is time to get up and remain active and when to go to bed and have a rest. Consult a trustworthy medical professional if you’re having trouble sleeping.

Treatment Solutions for Sleepiness during the Daytime

The first step is to establish in your mind that narcolepsy is not treatable or eliminated. There are only a few alternatives to treatment, such as lifestyle changes and medication that lessen the effects of the condition.

If you’ve taken medications like Artvigil that you take during the day, your work productivity will rise. You’ll be able to complete the tasks you normally do with complete concentration and in a relaxed mood. Your energy levels will be restored, and since you’ll be at work throughout the day, it’s likely that you’ll sleep through the night.

Similar medications to Artvigil 150 are also available to treat narcolepsy that is caused by sleep apnea. It is a condition in which breathing stops completely while you sleep. Therefore, it is not a good idea to bet the rest of your life on EDS.

Artvigil is specifically recommend for shift work sleep disorder sufferers who suffer from constant disturbance by the changing routines at work. They may cause mishaps as a result of their need to sleep during work, putting their lives in jeopardy. It is recommend to seek help from medications that regulate the sleep-wake cycle in the proper manner.

In the case of behavior changes, you’ll need to take the following steps:

Engage in regular exercise.

Meditate to quiet your mind and stay clear of negativity.

Make an effort to get up and go to bed every day at the same time.

Do not drink a lot of coffee at the end of your day.

Plan your nap for before 3 AM.

Ensure that your bedroom is sleep-friendly.

Limit your alcohol consumption in the evening.

Prefer a nutrient-dense diet

The final words

Although you can’t stop narcolepsy completely, you can discover ways to improve your quality of life. As mentioned above, it is a cause of imbalance, which will be your loss eventually.

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