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Property owners in areas under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) have to pay property tax at the end of every financial year. They can pay their property taxes either through online or offline processes. 

However, the online payment of property tax in Delhi is comparatively prevalent among the residents. Property tax payments in Delhi can be made either via the official portal or the MCD mobile app. Let’s find out why online property tax payment is a preferred option. 

Benefits of online property tax payment in Delhi

Individuals can opt for online payment of property tax in Delhi as it provides the following benefits, which are otherwise not available in the offline payment mode:

  • Hassle-free

Online payment of property tax in Delhi eliminates the hassle of visiting the ITZ cash counters or standing in a queue for hours. Property owners opting to pay property taxes in Delhi through online platforms can get their payments done conveniently right from the comfort of their home or any other place with just a few clicks. 

  • Saves time

With the online tax payment method, an individual can pay the tax amount online anywhere via a credit /debit card or even through UPI. This makes the tax payment process surprisingly quick. Unlike the offline process, which requires payment via cash or demand draft, the online process facilitates swift transactions. 

  • Transparency

Electronic payments offer the highest level of transparency. There are fewer chances of discrepancies or confusion while making a payment online. Hence, individuals should opt for property tax payments through online portals. 

How to pay property tax in Delhi online?

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is divided into three zones: NDMC (North Delhi Municipal Corporation), SDMC (South Delhi Municipal Corporation) and EDMC (East Delhi Municipal Corporation). 

Here are the steps to pay MCD property tax online:

  1. Visit the official website of MCD and choose the jurisdiction as necessary. Those willing to pay SDMC property tax online should click on the SDMC portal.
  2. Log in with the credentials. However, first-time taxpayers have to register and then sign in to the respective portal. 
  3. Individuals will find three options: ‘Search Property on UPIC’, ‘Apply for new UPIC’, and ‘Register new property for tax payment’. Those with no UPIC number should apply for one. Those already having a UPIC can search for their property. 
  4. Search for the property, click on the ‘Actions’ button next to the property and then choose ‘Use this property to pay tax’. 
  5. Calculate the property tax and pay through debit/credit cards, UPI, or net banking. 

Property owners should remember to download the receipt after tax payment. By paying the property tax on time and maintaining the receipt, residents of Delhi can easily apply for credit facilities such as loans against property. 

There are various types of LAP that can help applicants meet a wide range of financial obligations such as home renovation, weddings, medical expenses, etc.

If individuals have availed multiple loans, they can opt for consolidating existing debt with a loan against property. They can avail high quantum LAP from various reputed lenders at competitive rates and flexible tenor. 

These lenders also provide several pre-approved offers that help to streamline loan applications. These offers are applicable to other financial products such as business loans, home loans, etc. Check your pre-approved offer by entering your name and contact details.

Property tax payment through online mode comes with a host of benefits that are otherwise not available in the offline process. Residents of Delhi looking for SDMC property tax payment online can refer to this guide to pay property tax online. 

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